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Details and Options
Cigar Rollers - Usually two hours of Cigar rolling works best for special events. This gives enough time for all of your guests to catch a glimpse of a cigar being created right in front of their eyes. One of our event planners or "Cigar Caterers" will help you to integrate the cigar rolling demonstration in the best way possible to contribute to the success of your event. Your Cigar Caterer will also help to plan for your event in any city. We strive to never charge for travel or lodging however, logistics costs may have to be added to some areas of the US or if the city of the event is already booked with other event. We currently have cigar rollers available in 17 cities.

Cigar Servers - Remember the old movies with the "cigarette girls" serving cigarettes to the nightclub guests? Well, CF Dominicana now introduces our Cigar Servers to "float" the room of your event serving cigars. You can have a "Cigar Server" booked for the same time as your cigar roller throughout the US and dressed in modest evening attire to add the most classic, upscale flair to your entire event.

Custom Cigar Bands - How about your own graphics designer to create your Custom Designed Cigar Band? Our CF Dominicana Cigars with your personal cigar bands makes a very cool and sophisticated addition. You can request a band designed for you right now - at no charge - to view online. Our designers use Adobe Photoshop with beautiful, full color artwork that exists with no other cigar brand in the world.
Cigars - CF Dominicana Cigars are made with select Premium Dominican filler in beautiful Connecticut Shade or Maduro leaf. Cigars shown above are recommended for events. You can visit CF Cigars for more details on our cigars and Cigar Flavors for our Gourmet Cigars.
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